The Fight Against Terrorism


I have been thinking, what message could I write that will make a positive impact every day in the life of my dear followers. 
I started with the heavy stuff: sobriety, rejection, anxiety, the benefits of having a life coach, vulnerability and showing feelings.  
But today I want to talk about the small things, those events in our day-to-day life that make a huge impact in our state of mind especially when we don't even realise it.  
I'm going to call it the discovery of the “3 Second Rule or the 3SR". This is a practice that, together with the Post-it Note Series, I am very interested to see if it works for you as well as it works for me. 
You know, when you are on the tube and someone cuts you off and pushes in front of you only to beat you by 2 feet? If you're a cyclist, when someone overtakes you just to stop in front of you because there is a red light, when the girl behind the counter gets you to the wrong coffee, when you are rushing and your Oyster card refuses to work. If you are finding difficult to find those daily events in your life, try catching yourself when you use the following phrase: I don't have time for this sh@t!  
The 3 Second Rule it's a call for kindness and a way that I found to fight against emotional terrorism.  
The small things, when they go wrong, make a huge impact on how we walk, how we talk and how we interact with those around us. It's emotional terrorism because they can change our state of mind and even the decisions we make in a split second, it will transform you from having a busy morning to be "one of those days".  
I don't want to preach about the law of attraction, because the more annoyed you are more annoying things happening around you, just because you unconsciously are seeking for them. What I would like to share it's a capacity that you have to change everything just by stopping, let the situation develop and wait for 3 seconds. 
A bomb only needs 3 seconds before it explodes in your face and make the day less enjoyable.  
I spend my entire commute from East London to Holborn calling onto my kindness and applying this 3SR no less than 10 times. No jokes. London is packed with bad cyclists! So rather than being annoyed about it, I just simply wait for 3 seconds. Believe me, it has not added more commuting time.  
"Please you go first/ there, you take it/ I love you, thank you". I say those out loud, about two or three times per journey too. I'm not going to lie; sometimes I feel I am pretending to be a nun. But believe me; I prefer to add five minutes to my journey, than getting into work in a bad mood over something that is just too small.  
It is about knowing what triggers my mood, my physiology and find a fun and creative to say: hang on, I got this. Starting with the small things has given me power to identify when the big things happen, as my body reacts exactly in the same way.  
Tackling the small terrorist attacks has given me skills to face the bigger attacks with more elegance and kindness. I am dancing this until my feet drop off, but I am having a good day no matter what.