My letter to Santa 2018

Oh ho ho ho!

Merry Xmas dude(tte) what a brilliant year that was, I mean… what great delivery!

As usual, I’m going to thank you first for all the gifts you handed out to me last year, and then ask for my unicorn… which again you didn’t quite deliver in 2018! After almost a decade of asking for it, I have started to wonder if you think I haven’t been a good enough girl to deserve it. I’m not calling you inconsiderate, I’m just appealing to your best spirit and reconsider, only because I’m turning 40 and it looks a little odd I never get my wish. Or worse, that I’m 40 and I’m still asking for unicorns.

My yoga is now my sacred space, so thanks to those wonderful teachers and friends I met in Nica, they have a been a true inspiration and great support. My ankle still needs acupuncture me thinks, but my health and sleep are absolutely on point.

My coaching is shaping up very differently to what I set up to do last year, mainly because after 9 months of sobriety and truly checking in with who I am, what I say and what I need; I have concluded that more than a life coach I’m moving towards spiritual coaching. Trust me Santa, I even feel like a charlatan just by saying this, but it is undeniable that it won’t be an easy route, especially because one’s spirits gets confused with one’s religion, and in a world where instead of talking we attack, and accuse instead than ask, well… my job is going to test me a great deal.

Don’t get my wrong, my BS compass is getting sharper and sharper, but sometimes I get tired of being a soft person, good, honest, compassionate and kind (I still want to smash a plate on that guy’s face at work who made me cry), yet, I wouldn’t trade where I’m or where I’m going.

Last year I asked for a fully recovered ankle and that is getting better every day, making me a better surfer didn’t quite happen because I’m in Mallorca now, but I’m more consistent with my yoga practice and showing up on my mat to meditate. I asked for my family to visit and I was blessed with a 5-week break in Bogota with my sister, her kids and me mum, and that was lovely! I’m forever grateful.

One thing I didn’t ask for, but you gave me anyway, was Marky. I have to part thank Manto for putting the thought in my head, because at the time it was just me sending a Happy New Year message to an old friend, but those few words turned into a relationship with the partner I always wanted, one I love no matter what, one that loves me unconditionally and gets my quirkiness and allows me and my grumpy moods. With him came Zoe and Sam, so to them I dedicate my letter to you.

Please please please lead me into be a good example for these wonderful kids; give me strength and patience to continue my spiritual coaching career; guide my heart into being a good wife to Marky and more than anything, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change those I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

… maybe I won’t ask for the unicorn this year after all, maybe I have all I’ve ever wanted.

Merry Xmas and I shall write to you again next year.

Lots of love

Mary xoxo