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From party girl to motivational speaker

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Hello and welcome to my page, my name is Maryllis Gonzalez, aka MG, I am former journalist raised in Venezuela and I moved to London in 2002, where I became a film production accountant, a career that taught me about making magic happen, time management, stress, people skills and love. But after 13 years of being in the race, I wasn’t going anywhere fast. I was constantly searching for ways to be happier and feel more satisfied. What I didn’t know at the time is that I hid behind work, self-righteousness and social misbehaviours to avoid been seeing for who I truly was.  

I first got a life coach to learn tools to overcome anxiety and stress. Very quickly I got inspired and embarked on full immersion training (Tony Robbins, Dr Russ Harris ACT & Brene Brown), to become a life coach, I started a blog about my journey and embraced practices to achieve my goals, face daily challenges and celebrate happiness. It was through coaching I rediscovered courage, creativity and joy and found my true call in life.

Life coaching has made a huge and positive impact in how I see, behave, think, crew up, work and feel the world around me. It has given me an opportunity to research, explore and enjoy other realms of life, to truly live to my fullest potential and to help others to enlighten their lives... as the sparks do.  




Maryllis Gonzalez Life Coach - Maryllis Gonzalez and Tom Cruise
Maryllis Gonzalez Life Coach - Maryllis Gonzalez Events
Maryllis Gonzalez Life Coach - Maryllis Gonzalez
Maryllis Gonzalez Life Coach - Maryllis Gonzalez

“You will dance to the tune of happiness the day you sync into the rhythm of your heart”